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With over 25 years of experience in the IT sector, Blumen Networks’ personnel stand ready to resolve all your tech-related troubles.

From web hosting to software development, UX and UI design, online security, server management, AI cultivation, and more — our team has done it all. We can handle any technology-related task you can think of.

WHYOur Values

Client Focus

Technology is replaceable but people aren’t. As our treasured client, you are more valuable to us than any number or line of code.


We believe in openness with our clients. You will always have the right to check how your project is progressing or ask questions.


We rarely make mistakes, but when we do, we make up for them. If we ever do wrong by you, you will be compensated.


We believe in keeping the internet a safe place. We do not tolerate child porn or content that inspires hatred or violence.


We stand behind every service we deliver, and we aim to provide the best value you can find on the market.

Constant Improvement

We keep upgrading our infrastructure and knowledge to deliver better and better services.

WhereOur Headquarters


Situated in Richmond Hill, Canada, Blumen Networks stands firmly behind the city’s motto: Like the rose, I flourish.

The company’s offices are located at Pacific Rim Court. A peaceful location a good distance away from the city’s hustle and bustle, it’s a perfect place to focus on demanding matters such as IT and software development.


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Phone: +1 (647) 216-5159
Address: 57 Pacific Rim Court, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada