Refund Policy

Last updated: 07/31/2023

Refunds & Cancellations

Blumen Network Solutions Ltd. offers a 30-day refund guarantee. However, due to the exceptional nature of certain services, we are unable to offer refunds for our entire catalog.

Our non-refundable services include:

  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Website optimization

However, all purchased services may be canceled at any time by sending an email at [email protected] and stating so in the body of the email.

Each refund will be paid out after processing fees are deducted from the refunded amount, if applicable.

In addition, refunds can only be made to the original payment method. If a refund is due, but it is not possible due to failure, the only alternative we offer is supplying the correct amount of funds to the client’s Credit Balance. Possible reasons for a refund to fail, or be declined by the card issuer, would be if the original payment was processed with cards that are limited by their nature (Prepaid cards, Virtual Cards, Disposable cards, etc.) or the card account does not support refunds, is closed, or frozen due to fraudulent activities.

Chargeback and Disputes

If you believe there is an error on your billing or charges, you must immediately contact us by sending an email to [email protected]. If you instead initiate a chargeback or PayPal dispute based on this dispute, we may suspend your services until the dispute is resolved. To reactivate your services, you must first pay the full outstanding amount.

In addition to the outstanding amount, there might be a chargeback fee associated with chargebacks and pre-arbitrations. The amount of the fee — and at what point in the process it is debited — is dependent on your case. 

Service Cancellation by The Company

Any of the services that Blumen Network Solutions Ltd. offers may be canceled by the company with no prior notice and with no refund in case that the company finds out in good faith that the customer’s use of the services violates the Terms of Use or the customer’s account is involved in illegal activity. The company cannot be held in charge for loss of data if such a cancellation has been done.

The company may also cancel any of its services, if the company determines in good faith that the service has become impractical or unfeasible for any technical, legal, loyalty, regulatory or other reason, by giving or without giving the customer as much prior notice as reasonably practicable.

If the reason for service cancellation by the company is different from violation of Terms of Use by the customer, a prorated refund will be issued by the company for all the months that the account is prepaid and will not be used by the customer.